Founder's Haven Consulting | About Us
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About Us


FH Consulting (formerly Ascension Consulting) is comprised of a team of highly-skilled consultants with depth-of-knowledge across an array of business and consultation services. When it comes to working with us, we become an extension of the team – simply armed with the experience and expertise to apply where it’s needed most.

Molly Montgomery: Founder and Owner of FH Consulting

Using forensic techniques to help clients improve business operations and increase profits, Molly helps entrepreneurs develop, manage and grow the financial foundation of their company, while helping them understand their financial data and discovering new ways to measure and assess performance. The unique needs of a growing company often are not discovered early enough, causing a major impact on the company’s future. FH Consulting was created with a mission to provide young, fast-growing companies with the resources they need to succeed. After spending over a decade providing reactive advisory services through forensic investigations, litigation support, compliance and financial audits, Molly recognized the large gap in resources available to younger companies when those resources are needed the most. FH Consulting was created to help bridge that gap, while taking a strategic approach in helping drive value for the entrepreneurial community.


Molly is a Certified Public Accountant in Arizona and Virginia. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Radford University and a Master’s Degree in Taxation from Arizona State University. Prior to starting Founder’s Haven Consulting, she acquired more than 13 years of career capital in public accounting, providing audit, tax and corporate advisory services to companies of all sizes and in various stages of growth. She is currently the Board Chair of the Arizona Society of CPAs, and is actively involved within the startup ecosystem in Arizona and Southern California. While the financial and operational aspects of a growing company are Molly’s primary focus when working with her clients, the greatest value is seen in her passion and commitment to helping clients reach their true potential.


A 360° approach to going beyond the numbers, and into uncovering strategic opportunities for efficiency, innovation and ultimate success.